Refill Questions 

How does refilling work?

Refilling is the process of filling eco-friendly home cleaning and body supplies into containers that already exist, instead of buying those products in single use plastic containers.  Refills are sold by weight (oz). The reused container will be weighed empty to get a tare, it is then refilled and weighed again.  The tare is subtracted from the end weight.  You are only paying for the product. 

Can I refill my own container? 

Yes, however only if you stop by the shop or catch me at a market. Containers should be clean and dry, as eco-friendly products degrade easily and any bacteria in your container-even water- can start the process.  It leads to the product either smelling stale, getting cloudy or getting clumpy. 


Why can’t I refill my own container when ordering online? 

I fulfill online orders at my shop, and I need to have the container there where I can assure they are clean and dry for quality assurance.  To make checkout consistent, refills are sold in 16 and/or 32 oz units and filled into reclaimed containers that are used over and over again. You can order multiple units to fill a larger container that you use, ie 4-32oz units fill a gallon laundry jug. Jars are then swapped out on your next refill. 


I already have so many jars, I don’t need anymore.

I get that, I have a lot of jars too.  You aren’t keeping the jars that your refills come in when ordering online.  You can either transfer the refill into the vessel of your choice, or dispense directly out of Null’s jar until it’s empty, either way.  Again, we will swap out jars at your next refill.


Do you make your own products?

No.  I source eco-friendly products from local businesses when I can. Since affordability is a primary value of Null Refillery, I am not always able to do that.  But, 95% of my products are made in Oregon and 100% are made in the US or Canada.



Do you deliver outside of Portland? 

Yes! I am happy to deliver to the greater Portland Metro area, including Hillsboro, Beaverton, West Linn and Lake Oswego.  I also am happy to deliver to SW Washington neighbors. I have an electric car so I feel I can deliver responsibly, with a small carbon footprint.

Is your shop open every Wednesday and Sunday?

Mostly.  I have a weekend commitment at my physical therapy job so one Sunday/month I won't be at the shop.  You can still order online however.  At the beginning of every month, I post a calendar post on Null's instagram that highlights the Wed and Sun that I will be open.  So check out my feed.



How do I know when my order is ready?

You will receive an email when your order is ready for pick up. If you choose delivery, you will get a reminder email the day before delivery



Will you deliver to my door?

Yes! When you order online and choose delivery, I deliver to your door.  No need to be home, I will leave your refills on you front stoop. You can also leave me specific delivery instructions if you would like.